Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln


Teaching languages, by creating a productive and stimulating learning environment, student-centered, challenging and fun, that fosters confidence and encourages young people to reach their full potential, has always been of major interest along my professional career.

My teaching style is based on the AEIOU system. Attract Attention, show Empathy, promote Interest, maintain Order and then, teach the Unit. By gaining their attention, raising their interest, showing empathy by being available, approachable and helpful, and maintaining order and a collaborative environment in my classes, I am able to successfully execute the other more technical teacher’s roles as instructor, arbiter and examiner. A collaborative negotiation of contents with the students and teachers of other subjects will, definitely, boost the student’s attention and show them my empathy towards their interest and goals, but most importantly, it will provide an unlimited range of contexts where we can teach and the students can practise the language.

In the past years, I’ve gained an extensive experience in various fields, Education and Training skills as Spanish and English teacher in professional schools, Kindergarten, private and language schools, as well as in Personal and Business Management, Project Management and in particular from all the resulting troubleshooting.

I would like to use all these qualities for the benefit of your company. Allow me to emphasize here that communication, both written and spoken, was always very important in all of these functions. Communication that I can broadly perform thanks to my language skills since I speak fluently Spanish, English, German and Italian, I have worked in different continents with many people from diverse social backgrounds and I feel in such environment particularly well.

I am sure I can overcome the challenges of this position through my experience, my wide communication skills, through hard work and my willingness to constantly live life as a learning process; flexibility, enthusiasm, coupled with patience, perseverance and a gift to provide a realistic assessment of my experience complete my personality profile.